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Regency planning - Historically Bent Costuming

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October 14th, 2009

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06:09 pm - Regency planning
Though I didn't make it to the arboretum walk, ORS has a few more events this year, most of which I want to go to.

Things I need in general, the underwear is mandatory for every following list:

- A new shift would be nice. I think the old one is still useful, but probably under earlier clothes. The gathered neckline isn't as good for Regency.
- I need to figure out whether the stays I made will give a nice shape. If they will, fantastic. If not, I should sell them off to someone else and make a new set.
- Also, for day wear short stays would be nice.
- A new bodiced petticoat would be good. The skirt needs to be at least 100 inches. If it's going to be corded, there should be at least six inches of closely spaced cords.
- At least one reticule
- At least one hat
- At least one bonnet
- Cap

There's talk of caroling some time in December. For that, I'd need some very warm clothes. Probably:

- Wool stockings (purchased)
- Flannel pantalets
- Flannel petticoat
- Wool dress - high neck, with a white cotton collar and white cotton cuffs
- Wool cloak
- Possibly also a spencer or pelisse
- Bonnet
- Gloves

There's a winter ball on Dec. 5

- Dress. Remake the one from the last dance? I think I'd rather something like a gold taffeta or deep red velvet. Velvet doesn't sound half bad, actually. It's just a bit more winter.
- Sort out the shoe difficulty (or not, since they actually worked quite well last dance.
- Definitely a reticule, probably a fan
- Cloak (may be same as above)

Twelfth Night

- Red velvet, as above. I don't know what else I'm likely to want, but I suspect that'll keep me going most of the rest of the year.

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