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More pictureless regency undies - Historically Bent Costuming

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September 2nd, 2009

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06:29 pm - More pictureless regency undies
Well, I found my camera, so eventually y'all will have pictures. The card reader, however, is still AWOL.

Things I have done in the last few days:
- hemmed the petticoat skirt with a long backstitch
- cut the petticoat bodice, stitched it
- made some cord (more DMC 3 lucet) for the front opening
- stitched eyelets and tried it on
- made some more cord for the other side of the eyelet
- taken a bunch of pictures

The petticoat bodice is made of three layers: old sheet - a very stiff but lightweight cotton muslin - old sheet (except for the shoulder straps, which are only one layer). I think I could have done it with only two of those layers, but I was thinking that I might want it soft on the inside, forgetting that it will always be worn over a shift. However, there are parts of the back the shift doesn't cover, so it's probably not a bad thing. I find it much easier to sew along a line than to match SAs and sew a set distance in (as one does with machine sewing) so I traced the pattern pieces without SAs and then cut out around them to a pretty random distance. This has backfired a bit as I realized that I want to finish the seams in a fell style, and my wide-enough seam allowances aren't symmetrical. Ah well. The muslin layer doesn't have any seam allowances on the neck, bottom, or armscye, because I couldn't see a reason I'd want it. I plan to finish those edges (except the bottom) by trimming the inner layer as well and turning the outer layer over it all. The front edges were finished by pressing them in on the stitch line, sewing them with a running stitch on the outside. The cord was tucked in and the other side stitched down. The seam allowances were trimmed as short as they could be where they showed past the cord, and three eyelets were made and stitched. When I tried it on, the lacing wrinkled up the front pretty badly, so I decided to put another line of cord on the other side of the laces. I wish I'd gotten a picture of that process halfway done, because the difference is striking. Ah well. The second cord was sewn in with a backstitch on both sides (one done before the cord was in, the other after). It looks like there may be a little tiny extra bit of space in the back armscye, which if I ever do this again I'll take out either in the back shoulder seam or in the SB seam. In this incarnation, it's fine. It may also clean up when that edge gets finished.

Next to do (today) is take a few more pictures and finish the armscye and neckline of the bodice. Then I'll figure out how long I want the skirt (there's as much as 10 extra inches, for if I ever want tucks at the hem or more cords), press that over at the top and stitch the skirt and bodice together. I'm going to do it flat along the front and sides, with gathers in the CB between the SB seams.

That shouldn't take long, and then I'll either whip up a reticule or get started on my dress. The dress I plan to make with rather more ease than the petticoat, but I'll be able to use the petticoat bodice as a jumping-off point. The dress skirt will be at least twice as big around as the petticoat skirt, maybe more.

I still really don't know what to do with my hair, except put it under a turban. I might? be able to persuade rag curls, but probably not. I should probably go pick up a narrow barreled curling iron, but I kinda bet my hair won't like that either.

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